Sunday, 3 January 2010

February 2010

So that was January - and what a week to end on. Hope you’re still standing. February starts on the icky take-no-prisoners square between Saturn and Pluto as mentioned in last week’s scopes. Like being caught in a fishnet, the more you struggle, the more you’re wasting energy. Your Liberty and Truth can only breakout when Your Own Shackles are named and faced. Happily, though, the month then rallies to become a month of feeeeling, highs, and the odd NICE surprise or three. Even Valentine’s Day has the feel good factor so the obvious, pitying, annual card sent by your dad to cheer you due to lack of suitors will probably make you happyhappy this year (girls that is. Boys maybe not so much.) Following the Saturn-Pluto opening salvo this Monday, the 5 – 7th weekend is presided over by a Jupiter opposition to Saturn and a Jupiter sextile to Pluto. Shackles off?!

With all this tawk of restriction and liberty, this month’s tune is by the deliriously talented Rufus Wainwright and Ducky’s current on-repeat-player ‘Release the Stars’ (see what I did there?…) Hairbrush at the ready. Sing it like you mean it.

February’s an important month for socialising and expanding your networks and getting the logistics for future wishes in place before you take your annual energy dip from mid-March. Venus and the Sun start the month in your zone of success, then Mercury sits down at the boardroom table from the 11th. Make Hay! Launch new ideas close to the 15th. From the 17th it’s party hats and social netwhoring with gusto for Rams until mid-March with the last weekend in February a stellar weekend for high times. Just watch you don’t overdo it. The Full Moon in your 6th house of work and medicine cabinets will leave you wishing you hadn’t drunk that eau-de-toilette chaser or emailed the boss at 3am with some destructive criticism. This Week: Monday ask yourself how you can transform your work into a successful career with easier cashola. At the weekend reflect on why you’re hiding behind duty or propriety when there’s a Big Wild World waiting for you out there.

The cosmic focus is on your success and career zone all month with your ruler and the Sun here, and Mercury joining them from the 11th. The options to make good are plentiful. Launch an ambitious career scheme just after the 14th. From the 12th your zone of friends and wishes and netwhoring is sparkling with a month of fabulous offers and surprise encounters, and friends and lovers linking up. Work and love have linkage too. The weekend of the 6 – 7th and again Valentine’s Day shows it. Aussi, on a love tip, Valentine’s Day brings surprising words of love and lust and the weekend of the 27th is brimming with about turns and strong feeeeelings. This Week: Monday a business or lovin one-to-onesie logjams with your future/study/publishing/travel ambitions. It seems you can’t have both as they are and keep everyone happy... At the weekend wishes are rekindled and it’s time to focus on the relationship and whether there’s room for transformation or a need to let it go. The future plans aren’t going anywhere but they are under review so there’s time.

Overseas loves and foreign interests, publishing and studying, are all written large in the sky above your head. The future is being formed as we speak, Airy One. Ensure it’s got the right amount of love and fun in it. Communicate your dreams! Launch new ambitions in these areas in the days after the 14th. From the 12th it’s time to focus on your career. First up look at the money and the creative, shiny potential on your career ladder: how can you expand that? Pitch ideas from mid-February and include foreign/studious links around the 26th. From March it’ll be time to get down to brass tacks and negotiate (lead) on contracts and the minutiae. Lovewise, your Valentine’s Day links bizniz and romance. Be at your sleekest and wittiest at the watercooler, on the commuter train, and at the conference table (14th – 17th). This Week: Monday recognise where there’s a transformation required at work or vz work, particularly when it comes to cash/money. Fund-raising, redundancies, overtime payments all fall under these stars. At the weekend a career wish comes closer. Push forward with plans from mid-month.

These are good times, Crab. You’re catching up with lovers still and sorting out the confusion of early – mid January. Money pressures are about to give way to the bigger picture in life – travel, study, philosophy, and there’s luck in these ‘ere ‘ills! More shortly. First though, for the first two weeks of February keep an eye out for melting the plastic. It’s time to rein in any poor spending habits. Then from the 15th get your shekels in order with 0% balance transfers and savings accounts. Mercury’s in your 8th so it’s time for paperwork in your bank vaults department. Ooh, and some hot conversations about oobah if you don’t mind! Lovely. On the 17th and 26 – 28th of the month your future lights up like a Catherine wheel. Foreign and studying plans, especially opportunities to work or study abroad, just got the greenlight. And overseas love affairs look positively enticing. Send a postcard. This Week: Monday and there’s a Truth Conversation about turning a squeeze into something more permanent, or some truths about Who You Are need to be put out there for a lover’s deliberation. At the weekend lovin’ conversation have F-U-T-U-R-E and F-O-R-E-I-G-N writ large. [Send postcard. As above.]

After the wobbly last week of January, you’ve got to get up and over Monday, and then begin to roar again. The Sun and Venus continue to sparkle through your zone of one-to-onesies and its being shiny and making the effort that matters. From the 12th Mercury lands here with a New Moon two days later. If you need to clear up the mess left over from last week, or turn over a whole new leaf in your one-to-onesie department, do it then. As the planets drift upwards into your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes this month expect to find yourself: dealing with big money issues, getting a lot more fruity, and experiencing opportunities to transform your life. Jupiter’s here and so you’ve Dr Feelgood helping you through this. Watch the 17th and the last weekend of the month for some 8th house highs. This Week: Monday and a work and homelife issue is at stalemate. Come the weekend an opportunity to transform things creatively arises. Do your homework on all solutions. Money’s going to get tighter for a while come April.

The love stuff and fun stuff really is coming, Virgo, and yes in time for Valentine’s Day. Before then it’s important to make strides in work and health. The powerhouse of the Sun won’t be back in this zone for a year so schedule check ups, put the hours in on the day job, and grasp opportunities to shine before the 17th. Monday the 15th looks GOLDEN. Your ruler Mercury docks in this worky/health zone from 11th February so you can do the extra negotiating and verbal chitty chat after then. Vz love ting, you’ll know by now that Jupiter is in your 7th house of close one to onesies bringing expansion, goodtimes and/or the ability to oust those that are less-than-the-best to make room for The Best. This month circle the 6th, 12th, 14th, 17th and 28th for days of Feeling It. This Week: Monday and lovers/children/creative life and The Truth need to meet and there’s an impasse/stalemate/rock-and-hard-place situation-style-scenario. Come the weekend there’s a solution closer to home, quite literally.

Sweet Scales, life continues apace. While January has been a month of exploring fun and your life vz creativity and bebes, February switches to become a life of worky worky, health, and positive (dramatic) changes in these areas. Get as much recreational fluffiness and potato painting as you can between now and the 12th when your ruler walks in to your office and starts bringing all sorts of offer your way. With Jupiter here, paving the way for advancement, the attentions of Venus and the Sun are making you shine. Watch the 12th, 17th, and 28th in particular (when offers of creative/healing jobs land with a surprise). For you Valentine’s Day this year is perfectly splendid. A New Moon lands in your 5th house of romance and Mercury’s already here giving you wooing prowess and poetry acumen. Declare it Scales! This Week: The costs of running a home and family are proving a heavy responsibility at the moment. At the end of the week bounce ideas off people at work to find solutions – or bounce ideas about work off people. Some may be in a position to help you.

Early February is about your four walls and your clan. Venus and the Sun here are bringing joy and happiness as well as an appreciation of/need for partnership and a sense of your own home reflecting who you are and your own personal standing in the world. From the 12th focus starts to shift to your 5th house of fun. Negotiations vz home and family continue during February, and you’ll be hosting friends, but this is all rather eclipsed by the cosmic rays shining on lovers, chilun, and creative ting. Days for luck, fun, and love are 6th, 12th, 14th – 17th, 19th and 28th. Single Scorpios these are Your Dates for getting your charisma out on the town. Coupled up Scorps, get some fun/some kids into your relationship! All Scorps, creative endeavours launched now have cosmic blessings. This Week: You’re aware that you’ve some old cheese you need to unpack and process before you can move on. You don’t want to. But there’s your fish net… Come the weekend, the shiny goings on in your funzone give you the impetus to tackle your emotional poop deck.

Where you can make great strides this month is to take some time out. Seriously. Particularly after the 12th, planets are clustering around the base of your chart and it’s time to draw in and focus on home, family, stability, tribe, belonging and expansion of the family. (Watch good news on 17th and 27th from nieces or nephews due in the coming months to mortgages being accepted.) For some Archers it just isn’t possible. Mercury’s ingress to your zone of commuting and out of town trips means career needs are going to keep you on the road. What you can do is balance things out with long lazy weekends with the clan or three course dinners in a den in the sitting room. This Week: Monday and pressures about money are bringing migraines. Finding an earthy friend to help you ground it and plan it out can help. Come the weekend home and family seem to offer up a solution. Renting the spare room? Charging the (older) kids a little board and rent? Loans from Ma and Pa, bros or sisses?

When in doubt, leave it out Goat. After the highs and lows of money in the past week, you’ll be keen to negotiate right now and Mercury’s with you, helping you do just that. Make the conversations about lettuce if you need to – and even better, negotiating on income is the soup du jour from 11th February. From the 12th, Venus, she the Goddess of Love, sashays into your zone of chitty chat and out of town travel. It’s time to talk about and commute for love, just in time for a Valentine’s get away. In fact Goats’ words of love around this time could be filled with the future. Venus is hooking up to Jupiter at the time of the New Moon. Proposals for some Goats are starred. This Week: first though, on Monday your ruler and Saturn are at loggerheads. Beware of bullying others in the office. It won’t make you friends in the long-run. At the weekend there’s an opportunity for dousing your words with a touch of humility and eating humble pie. Don’t be proud. Be educated!

The Sun and Venus are still with you bringing energy, and a focus on the importance of one-to-onesies of a bizniz and loving variety, and to your four walls. What’s frustrating progress is Mercury in the 12th meaning information is backwards in coming forwards and leaving you slightly tongue-tied. This rights itself by the 11th. From then on you can begin negotiations with lovers and sign off on Big Money issues. From the 12th and then 19th Venus and the Sun dive splendidly into your zone of earned income. All month’s a lucrative smorgasbord but circle the 17th and 28th particularly. In fact the 28th has Your Luck in Lettuce written all over it. Buy a lotto ticket that weekend. This Week: Monday and you’re feeling you don’t deserve the things you wish for. Write down the most angst-ridden, moping phrasing you come up with that day. Read ‘em again at the weekend when Jupiter brings rainbows and you’ll be wondering if it was really you who said all that.

A low key, slow start to the month is what the doctor ordered. Jupiter may be making you feel chipper about the future, but Venus and the Sun are under your radar for the first few weeks so plenty of early nights, especially after health flare ups over last weekend thanks to the Leo Full Moon. From the 12th though it’s all change. Venus joins you in time for Valentine’s Day and the Sun joins you from the 19th. Energy levels are up and the 17th and 28th bring real highs for money and health. What you do need to watch for is GOSSIP. Don’t be the one perpetrating the chin wags. It’ll come bite you on the aspic on the 27th. This Week: Monday and your wishes for the future aren’t do-able in the shape they are in. Regroup at the weekend. They’ll be even better when they’ve been through
the blender a little.