Sunday, 14 March 2010

March 2010

March is something of a Cosmic fairground. There’s the ‘Surprise, Surprise’ Uranus Ride which Venus, Mercury, the New Moon, and the Sun all take in turn this month. Then they indulge in the Essential Cardinal Chute of 0 degrees Aries, the It’s a Knock Out clash with Saturn, and the Pluto Bumper Car Fiasco, (which is also – heads up - the ride of choice for the Libran Full Moon aria of the 30th). What I is saying, yeh, is dat Stuff is Going to Happen this March. Uranus = change, Saturn = constriction, Pluto = transformation. Put it together and it’s a month for following the mantra, ‘If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, get out.’ And finally, no, you won’t get by with sitting it out this month. Mars, the little fiery upstart, is heading forwards ho on the 11th after sulking in the tea tent since mid-December. Some wise soul once said, ‘Life is like a wild tiger. You can either lay down and let it put its paw on your head, or you can jump on its back and ride.’ Let’s be brave for each other! It’s off to the ticket booth, people. This is the Year of the Tiger, after all. Roooaarrarr. Meow?

Where you need to be Sweeping Things Aside is in your 12th house of Fear. The cosmos says the more you put into it (the clearance) the more you’ll get out of it (feeling good about You). Where this will immediately pay dividends is in your close one to onesies of a bizniz or lovin’ nature. Been afraid to Ask for what you Want or stand up to the Bullies? Been too afraid to wear the Trousers? Not anymore, Bub. The rumbles begin as early as Monday the 8th and gather energy after the 11th. It’s all out on the ropes after the 21st and at its emotional crescendo by the 30th. Roooooar! FYI Go easy, Tiger, around the 13th – 15th when energy is at an annual low and paranoia at an annual high. This week: A light goes on in the darkness come Thursday and you can see where a lovin’ one to onesie can help/hinder you further. By the weekend a secret flirtation or a desire for chilun motivates your aspic.

Wishes and Friendships are your guidebooks to the cosmic fairground of March. With Uranus at the helm until the 17th internet, digital, community, friends and netwhoring are areas where progress can be made. But this is Uranus Territory, so don’t anticipate progress in an orderly fashion. Ideas and exchanges out of leftfield are on the cards. Expect the unexpected and strike on new dreams around the 16th. By the 21st it’s time to embark on your annual downtime. In the coming month Venus, Mercury, and then the Sun pass through your 12th house of Meep! And you begin to feel that the stability of a relationship/finances/homelife isn’t easy to nail to a wall. It’s a necessary appraisal. Far reaching changes are calling your name, Bull, and you may need to give up something now to let those changes in. Work, health, and daily responsibilities feel like they are standing in the way. These will be more on-side during April. This week: ‘Tastic work opportunity through friends due on Thursday and over next weekend. It’s time to transform how you see yourself and present yourself to the World. Big Money/commissions can be part of the deal. Foreign eesa goodya.

Connections overseas or through study/teaching, are turning your success stellar in March. You’re capable of changing tack in a flash so when Opportunity Knocks on the 4th, 8th, 16th, and 17th you’ll have the answers and the questions you need to harness the changing winds. The 4th and 8th concern the success of a love affair or creative project and lovers that link up with work. The 16th – 17th are more cerebral and usher in an exchange of ideas to break out of old habits and well worn ruts. What’s getting in the way of all this blossoming energy is (a) a nagging sense that you can’t be responsible AND play like a child/have fun/laugh like a drain and (b) 8th house detritus – the past, old hurts, big money burdens. But this is You we’re talking about and as planets move into your zone of wishes, friendships, and networking from mid-month you’ll begin to find ideas and solutions. The eclipses at the end of June and mid-July herald a financial culmination. Get the begging letters out now! This week: Love and success link mid-week with an overseas/studenty/long-term flavour. You’re ready to talk about this more fully Sunday – Monday the 7th & 8th.

Crabs setting up home abroad or moving to study and broaden their internal horizons have the cosmic winds beneath their wings right about now. A galaxy of rocks are bunching up in the skies which govern these areas and as they connect with maverick Uranus, surprise opportunities to belong, commune, film, and broadcast your adventures are There for the Taking. Let these adventures and opportunities spur your sense of Success into new directions. All month and in to April you may need to negotiate with authority figures (parents, immigration officers) and partners to get ahead – and they’ll be putting in some stiff opposition. What your decision will boil down to ultimately is Cash. Mars’s shift to forwards ho on the 11th means bills are set to rise. What’s undeniably true is that you’re on a mission Clawface, and June and July will bring in the sweeping changes. This week: Mid-week surprise support from friends gladdens you. At the weekend and Monday 8th, lucrative career opportunities knock, with a foreign/education flavour. Talk the Big Talk.

Big Money Lettuce is where your surprises and opportunities lie; but with Uranus throwing the dice the outcomes run from work bonuses to severance pay and mortgage hikes to lottery wins. The days to watch are 4th, 16th, 17th. For some Pussy Cats, offers of boudoir jollies are on the cards too with amorous friends/lovers sharing their fruity imagination. Texts this month could melt your mobile. From the 11th you’re roaring into action with Future Plans that stalled back in December. And as Venus, Mercury and the Sun slip into your zone of foreign connections, study, and travel these are places where you can be sure to make progress, especially from the 21st. With all this wanderlust/lust work responsibilities and the day to day will feel like a prison sentence. Watch out for snarling at co-workers on the 9th, 18th and 22nd. No-one likey a sour puss. This week: surprising money news lands mid-week. Debts may need paying off by June. At the weekend you rally financially. A down-to-earth friend with savvy and a calculator helps.

The Uranus effect has been in charge of your 7th house of close one to onesies for years. While you may be hiding behind the couch on hearing that Uranus is in full force once more, please take note that Jupiter is now here too, and at last changes will be On Your Side even if they’re not Of Your Making. Stand out days for about turns with one-to-onesies for love and bizniz are: 4th, 16th, and 17th. Relationships that start on those days are going to be life-changing and unpredictable. Count on them further down the road once time has had a chance to show you what’s what; relationships are going to be a healthy challenge throughout the month. Two people = two truths and while you need to be sturdy in yours, you need to be mindful of Others’. The latter part of the month and April bring opportunities for transformation and letting go. Anything that goes will make room for something better. Money issues bubble up on the 9th, 18th and 22nd but Venus, Mercury, and the Sun head into your zone of Big Cash Lettuce this month too spurring you on to bag some juicy commissions and consolidate credit card bills and loans. This week: surprises and u-turns from lovers on Wednesday. Changes at home look good at the weekend.

The forthcoming gaga moments of delight and upheaval are due to the footfall of planets clicking with the wirey-haired maverick, Uranus. Dates to note for this about-change are the 4th, 16th and 17th when you, your notions of The Future, and your wishes for What’s Possible get something of a surge out of leftfield. Changes to your Working Life and Attitood to Health and Fitness are your starting points, and some Librans could be swept off their feet by a cutey at work. Look your doe-eyed best at the watercooler all month. Saturn in your sign will be curbing your enthusiasm for all this Potential, and Pluto in your home and family zone may leave you feeling like the weight of the world’s on your shoulders. The Good Stuff is happening, Libra, but it’s a wax on wax off situation-style-scenario. Brace yourself for the 1950s musical philosophising, but don’t forget to count the rainbows in between the sun and showers this month. This week: Big Change on the work front can be driven by you Wednesday/Thursday and Monday week. Aim high!

What’s clear as crystal clear water right now is that you have Some Utterly Gorgeous opportunities in store where bebes, squeezies, and launching your creative innards on the world are concerned. Throughout the month Uranus and Jupiter - surprise and expansion/chance - are yours and Scorpios everywhere will be procreating, dating, or launching innovative creative endeavours. Uranus sez things come out of leftfield and are New; Jupiter says you can run with this. Home changes can be triggered as a knock on effect and income can rise thanks to creative thinking. To sustain all this outward growth, you’re going to need to foster some root-growing action. Short cuts won’t work now. Feeling the Joy means taking on a grown up attitood and ‘fessing up to your deepest truths (aka deepest fears). The 12th, 20th and 26th are days to let your need for love and your quest for intimacy push your guard down. This week: about turns in love and creative whatsit on Thursday and next weekend. Creative approaches to work bring success Monday 8th.

For you, Archer, the Uranian quelle surprise, is bringing unanticipated malarkey to your zone of home and family. On the 4th surprise visits from friends are likely and at mid-month significant others (partners, mothers) are dropping curveball actions. Jupiter’s presence and the mid-month New Moon suggest that changes vz home and family are ripe. The process/decision for instigating them maybe less straightforward, however. What’s ultra-pretty is that once homefires are attended to, your potential for funsises sky rockets this month. Flirtation, creative adventures, and endeavours with children are on the cards. What’s dampening your bonfire are dour-faced pals and cash. You are one for adventures at the drop of a hat. Be sure the dour-faced pals aren’t angels in disguise and that the plastic has some give in it before you disappear over the horizon. If all’s in good working order, the time to fly is after the 11th. This week: midweek friends drop in out of the blue at your mudhut. By the weekend partners and parents are supportive round the hearth. Sunday’s a great night for a house party.

Spontaneous out of town trips, car problems, and random bursts of verbosity and chatty revelation are all part of your fairground experience this March, Goat. While you’re one for being the steady eddy in the meltdown moments of those around you, this month you get a feeling in your waters that standing on the other side of the line might be good for the soul. Letting your guard down takes courage but you have it, even if you scream and shout first. The thing is, the screaming and shouting is a Big Clue that you’re scared. Once you recognise that, resistance drops, and taking the wild tiger to work instead of the bus becomes much more do-able. Resistance is futile: Tuesday 9th, Thursday 18th, and Monday 22nd. Goats wanting to get going on house changes and family get togethers, pencil dates after the 11th. The end of the month culminates in a Full Moon in your career zone. Get the annual reports and accounts started NOW! This week: You blurt feelings of love to a squeeze, Thursday, then fear you can’t see it through by Sunday. And so the madness of March begins!

The March Fairground Ride concerns your finances/possessions. Before you bury your head in a manual or run for office just to AVOID the sticky wicket of cash, money, lettuce, let me tell you that it’s not necessarily bad. Hot days of surprise Uranian action fall on the 4th, 16th and 17th. What this means, cosmically, are that these are you big days for Financial Surprises. The 4th links to home, the 16th to mortgages/loans/credit, the 17th to partnerships of a bizniz or lovin’ variety. It’s your ruler Uranus at the wheel so use your natural inventiveness to turn opportunities or challenges into lucre. Bear in mind that your long-term goals may need revising; holding on to them could be holding you back. (That goes too for foreign holiday plans right now.) While you like change, you sometimes like change for change’s sake. Transformation has to Transform the Old You. Partnerships gather energy after the 11th. Shouting is likely but so is oobah. This week: Spend money on Aquarius Towers, Thursday. Next weekend and Monday 8th, creative ideas/work bring in the cash.

Although you are naturally capable of adapting to changing tides, events may surprise even you this month, perticalerly your Responses to them. On the 4th, 16th and 17th random inclinations are spurring you on. Love, homelife, and work are all up for leftfield Fish spontaneity and lovers moving in, moving out, and revolving doors on the day job are all possible. What’s holding you back is either (a) the past or (b) the spondoolies. Saturn is demanding that you scrub the poop deck vz lingering old heartaches or a bad spending history, so you can start afresh. As the month progresses your focus is on bank vaults and earnings and spendsies. Fishes seeking higher pay brackets should be right on the money after the 11th and your annual New Moon shot to the arm of the 15th. This week: Confessions of love gush out of your fabulous mouth on Thursday. Moving a honey in? Get the mudhut glistening by the weekend.